Sleeping tips


The 15th March is World Sleep Day. 

At Breathe, we are passionate about good sleep and as part of our World Sleep Day celebrations we are sharing with you our top tips for getting the best nights sleep. We will also be telling you about some of our most loved brands who are as conscientious about what they produce as we are at Breathe. They also happen to create some incredible sleep aid products that we just can’t live without. 


Sleep is something that in recent years has gone from being the thing you can ‘do without’, where pulling an all-nighter for work was seen as something to be celebrated, to being one of the most important and fundamental elements of good health. However, we know for many people that sleeping well doesn’t always come easy. In our ever increasingly busy world the ability for us to turn off our overstimulated minds and relax is harder that it would seem. 

Here are some simple things that we try to incorporate into our routines to achieve best sleep possible.

Eat Well

We find what we eat during the day can have a big impact on our sleep, in turn, how well we sleep can affect the foods we crave and reach for during the day. Getting a nutritionally balanced diet can help us to sleep well and factoring in the time that we eat can support this too. Our rule is to make sure we finish our last meal at least 2/3 hours before going to bed as we find this helps to aid a restful sleep.


Exercise during the day can help to make us feel physically sleepy at bed time. However, being mindful of how that exercise is taken can also help to aid in us feeling well rested in our mind too. Walking and running outdoors in nature always encourages a calm feeling and helps us to sleep better. Other relaxing activities such as yoga can help calm the mind through exercise too.

Limit Screen Time Before Bed

General advice is to avoid screen use for around an hour before going to sleep. Blue light can have a huge impact on the quality of sleep so we find engaging in other activities such as reading, yoga or meditation can help ease us into a more restful sleep. 

No Caffeine After 2pm

We always aim to end caffeine intake after 2pm. We find having any caffeine after this time can reduce our ability to fall asleep easily.

Review your Environment

For some people, us included, a calm, clean, tidy and relaxing environment can help improve your sleep. To help aid this we regularly change our bedding, keep our bedroom free of clutter, add relaxing pillow spray to our bedding before going to sleep and have low lit lamps to keep the lighting soft and calm. 


Journalling, or making notes about the things you have in your head can help to calm your mind of these thoughts before you sleep. W keep a notebook next to our bed and write down all of the things keeping our mind busy before we go to sleep. We find this helps greatly to empty our mind of these provoking thoughts whilst we are trying to drift off.


A good routine in terms of the time we go to sleep and wake up is a key component to our positive sleep pattern. After introducing this for a few months you may find your body naturally wanting to sleep and wake at those times in your routine.


Find something that helps you to relax before bedtime. We change this up depending on our mood but often listen to relaxing music, take a bath, read or meditate before sleeping.


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Wearing beautiful pyjamas that feel good against your skin is a sure way to help improve your sleep. Organic cotton will keep your skin cosy but will also allow it to breathe.


Here are a few of our favourite brands who really are sleep champions.


The wonderful Scent to Sleep range from Neom is one of our favourites and most used. Their Perfect Nights Sleep pillow mist and their Perfect Nights Sleep Magnesium Body Butter are two staples in our night time routine.

Wild Nutrition

We love so much about the Wild Nutrition brand and what they stand for. Its is well know that magnesium deficiency can cause lots of disruption to sleep and so Wild Nutrition's magnesium supplements are a key part of our daily routine to help us improve the quality of sleep we get. 

Podcast Recommendations

Looking for some help in improving your sleep? Here are some helpful podcasts.


Our super cosy Fluffy Robe is like a hug in garment form. Lather on some body cream after a bath and snuggle up in this robe whilst reading your latest book. The perfect way to relax before bed time.

We hope you enjoy this World Sleep Day update and find some useful tips to make your sleep that little bit better. 

March 15, 2024 — Breathe