It’s important to us that we sell which is why all of our manufacturing is done by people employed under safe working conditions and paid above minimum wage.

We are focused on ensuring our supply chain, materials, and packaging are as sustainable as possible and strive for continuous improvement in that area of our business. Breathe is a new company but both Co-Founders have extensive expertise gained over many years in the textile industry. Our is to ethically produce products which are value for money due to their longevity.

Our sleepwear is made to last: we want our products to enjoy a long-life cycle, reducing the need for them to be replaced regularly. Cost per wear is our measure.


We choose to work exclusively with natural materials for many reasons – but primarily for comfort, quality, and the environment.

We believe that sleepwear should be made from natural fibres, due to their breathability, absorbency, and durability; most of our fabrics are organic and sustainable.

We source from around the world, our current organic cotton is grown and farmed in Turkey.

When our sleepwear reaches the end of its life cycle, we want our products to biodegrade naturally. We are concerned about the environmental impact of synthetic fabrics as they break down during washing and release plastic particles.

Sourced from Japan, Italy, Portugal, and China, our fabric selection is high quality and durable.