Welcome to the Summer edition of the Breathe journal. Whilst the UK weather has been less than summery recently, we think it is the perfect excuse to stay cosy in your favourite pyjamas with a good book or film.


In this edition we are looking at our 5 top tips for better sleep. We are not perfect, but trying to maintain these points in our daily routine certainly has a positive affect on the quality of our sleep.  


Our top 5 tips to improve your sleep.


We know and appreciate the importance of a good nights sleep at Breathe. Over the years we have added in the following steps to our bedtime routine to help make sure our sleep is the best it can be.


1. Limit Caffeine Intake - We love a coffee in the morning but have learnt that having caffeine past 2pm can affect our sleep. This is a personal thing as to how you will be affected by caffeine later on in the day, but try replacing an afternoon coffee with a herbal tea to see if it improves your sleep.


2. Stick to your bed time - Research has shown that sticking to a regular bed time and waking up at the same time too can help with your quality of sleep and allows your body to get into its own natural sleep rhythm.


3. The hour before sleep - In reality we know that putting to one side an hour before you go to bed is not always realistic. But if you can, this hour can be crucial to helping you to sleep well and incorporate some valuable ‘me’ time too. Take a bath or shower, have screen free time, read a book and moisturise your skin with something lovely. We highly recommend Neom's Scent to Sleep range, its one of our favourites. Then slipping into your favourite pyjamas. The perfect recipe for a good nights sleep!

4. Wear comfortable pyjamas - This might sound like an obvious thing, but wearing something comfortable to suit your own sleep patterns, or the temperature, will really help with your sleep. We rotate through full pyjama sets in the winter to shorts and sleep shirts in the summer. This helps us to regulate our temperature whilst sleeping, but still staying comfy. Alongside this the fabric that you choose for your pyjamas will aid your sleep. Natural fibres such as cotton and tencel are going to regulate your temperature, and they won't make you sweat, therefore make you feel comfortable and sleep better.

5. Relax - Play relaxing music, read, or meditate. We love the Feel Better app by Deliciously Ella which has some great mindfulness programmes and sleep sounds. These help us to clear our minds before having a restful sleep.


Wearing our cami and shorts pyjamas at this time of year when the nights are warmer will help promote a better nights sleep, as well as looking great too!

Podcast Recommendations

Looking for some help in improving your sleep? Here are some helpful podcasts.


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Thank you for joining us for this summer edit. Just a reminder that our summer sale is still running too, so it is a great time to update your pyjama draw and improve your sleep! 

Wishing you a wonderful summer and lots of restful sleep. 

August 30, 2023 — Breathe