Breathe Co-Founders, Ashley Westall and James Rose have worked in fashion and textiles for a little over 2 decades. As Culture vultures and trend watchers we couldn’t help but recognising the changing world. People were spending more time and money on their homes and valued homelife more than ever, what to wear at home was a “thing” more important than ever before, it even got its own name, loungewear.

Seeing the need for pyjamas and robes to wear at home but not just for bed, something to wear once you’ve stepped out of your daywear gave birth to Breathe Lifestyle. Our aim to bring the joy of a luxury hotel, evoking memories of a day relaxing at a spa as you wrap yourself in a Breathe bathrobe, all part of
the lifestyle we aspire to and the brand we have created.

Breathe Pyjamas are designed to fit into our modern lives, timeless design, generous sizing and a colour palette that is neutral to blend seamlessly into life at home. Our Pyjamas and robes need to look beautiful, feel exquisite and of course be washable. The cool nonchalant styling of the Boyfriend Herringbone pyjama has become our best seller, whatever the season.

Our monogrammed pyjamas are special, unique to the wearer. We are about to expand into the Bridal market as our embroidery
service means that your Hen Party, Wedding Day or Honeymoon isn’t an off the shelf occasion.

Unique Printed exclusively designed pyjamas elevate sleepwear still further and blur the lines between sleep and lounge still further. We offer our printed pyjamas in the bold and the gentlest of colour palettes.

The use of organic and sustainable fabric is one of our essentials. We are GOTS certified and work only with a handful of manufacturers, all verified by ourselves, no 3rd parties. Recycled paper and packaging is a given, not saying this is perfection just saying that there’s a consciousness and a commitment towards continual improvement here.

This is the beginning of a story, as you’re reading this it’s likely that you’re going to be a part of the next chapter, we welcome you and hope you enjoy our brand.


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