Welcome to the May edition of the Breathe journal. In this journal we are exploring world meditation day and how that can affect our health and our sleep. We hope you enjoy this 5 minutes of calm and take something into your routine that can help improve your wellbeing.

World Meditation Day

World meditation day is on the 21st May. As with the whole concept of meditation there is no special celebration for this day. Instead it is simply a reminder to take time to relax and take a moment within each day. Meditation is something that helps reduce stress and invoke calm within our lives, as well as improve sleep. Below we have some tip to help incorporate meditation into your routine.

  1. If meditation is new to you a good way to integrate yourself into this practice is to take part in something like Yoga. This incorporates some meditation rituals.
  2. Download a meditation app. Apps like Calm can help guide you in meditation and how to get started with this practice.
  3. If you have tried meditation before or practice regularly, try encouraging others to meditate too.

Meditation is a great way to help prepare the body for sleep, reduce stress and anxiety and calm the mind.

Podcast Recommendations

Some of our favourite podcast recommendations which feature some great meditation techniques.

A product recommendation

A wonderful product to accompany a meditation. We recommend using this in a diffuser during a meditation session.  

Neal's Yard Meditation Oil


*image taken from Neal's Yard.

Most Loved This Month

As the weather slowly starts to get warmer we are seeing more and more orders for our shorts and camis. We love this range for summer. The perfect way to keep cool but still wearing luxurious nightwear.


Have you tried bed socks? They are a great way to help give you 5 minutes of relaxation before you go to sleep. We apply a good foot cream, pop on our socks and get into bed. A little 'me' time at the end of a busy day.

Thank you for joining us this month. If you would like to shop our sleepwear range you can take a look here. We hope you give meditation a go and try to incorporate this great technique into your routine. 

May 17, 2023 — Breathe